Reputation Management


Search Volume & Searcher Location

Amount of the searches performed for the name or keyword all along with location of searchers

social media

Social Media Mentions

Consistency and amount of the mentions on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin


Keyword or Phrase Appearance

Total number of the mentions of words on 3party websites, forums and blogs


Autocomplete Tool

You may take a close look at autocomplete values for the brand and other search term with custom Google Auto complete tool.

Online Reputation Management


We provide many different reputation management services, which cover key areas and where your reputation begins to get defined in the searcher’s mind online. Most visible parts online that define your online reputation include important review websites, Google search, as well as Wikipedia. Lots of organizations have us to build ORM dashboards that serve in bringing all different aspects of the reputation on the single screen, and at a few cases, boiled down on single 1 to 100 score that will change with time.



Your reputation online is a confluence of information you put online. And this information generally comes together and form opinion in an individual’s mind about your brand and you, whether negative or positive. Easier it is finding this information, more of the impact it may have to your reputation. Primary platforms, which define your reputation online include.

  • • Google Autocomplete
  • • Google Search
  • • Yelp, Google Reviews or review websites
  • • Wikipedia

With ORM, we work really hard to make the positive information simple to find to your targeted audience. At a same time, we also use different tactics and strategies to diminish visibility of the negative content, and in a few cases, remove this from web altogether. End result will be the positive reputation online because whenever people search on your name and brand, they will find positive content immediately.


Review sites, damaging press, and complaint sites can have the devastating effect on the business whenever they appear at a first page of search engine’s results on brand related queries. So, when client has any problem just like this, we will attack it from different angles by using many tactics that we have built-out over years – right from trying removal to suppression and by pushing negative article in search results.


We have also developed the toolkit of services, which will help to turn the sparse and floundering Yelp profile in the positive page, which enhances the brand’s presence online.


Values that the Google Autocomplete (known as the Google Suggest) displays also are first impression of the brand in Google. We will help organization, businesses, as well as individuals to overcome all negative auto complete values when the terms like ‘lawsuit’, ‘scam,’ ‘complaints’, or competitor’s name come after the brand name at Google.

Autocomplete Strategy:

At our testing and experience, we’ve discovered 3 overriding factors, which drive the Google Autocomplete:

  • • Search Volume & Searcher Location
  • • Keyword or Phrase Appearance
  • • Social Media Mentions

Algorithm contains time tracking component, which factors in freshness of content and queries. Such component ensures that the new and trending searches are been included also. We use our experience and research to build the campaign to influence the Google Auto complete for clients.


Consistently Wikipedia ranks very high in search engines’ results. Often it is viewed as the 3rd party objective authority, as such, content it has about any person and brand has the direct impact on the reputation. Improving and managing your personal and brand Wikipedia web page ensures you’re putting the best foot forward. Also, we leverage our experience and knowledge of the Wikipedia’s editorial policies as well as influence within Wikipedia Community in order to improve your page in Wikipedia.

Strategy, Citations, Research, and Tone

We start by taking the full inventory of content on page, history of edits, as well as activity of talk page. We also understand who makes changes on page or where the bias lies. We use such information to build the plan to triage existing issues as well as long term strategy on overall page improvement or enhancement. We make sure that the content follows the Wikipedia’s guidelines, stays neutral, and is also cited correctly by the credible 3party publications.

Content Writing

With our team of responsible and award-winning developers, designers, as well as editors, we make useful, credible, and professional content for all our clients. Our knowledge in social media, public relations, advertising online, and Wikipedia converge to strengthen the branded search results. The quality content then can get leveraged to outrank negative content, which appears.

Content Promotion

Just after creating the positive content for brand, we make use of our experience with the search engine optimization for promoting the content on first page of the Google. And this content subsequently will push down negative content on 2nd and 3rd page of the Google where some will notice and click. Our several years of experience will help us to determine what new and existing content may rank fastest or stay on the top for the long-term protection as well as positive branding. We make use of latest strategies of the digital marketing, SEO and semantic search that will strengthen your online credibility with Google.

Review Removal

We also examine possibility of flagging 1star and 2star reviews for the violation of the Yelp’s guidelines. When review is in the violation of Yelp guidelines, then we craft strong case for the removal and submit this to Yelp team for the review. You just get a chance to make the argument, and using knowledge of Yelp review processes also gives strongest chance of getting the removal.

Review Defloration

Lots of times positive reviews can be filtered and don’t appear on the Yelp business profile. Also, we review strategies that will signal to Yelp about those reviews that are genuine and must get displayed. By our efforts, we will pull some 5star reviews out of filter so they will display on main page as well as factor in overall star rating. We’ve developed strategies as well as approaches that businesses will implement to encourage the satisfied customers in order to leave some genuine reviews highlighting benefits of the services. Many times customers just go on internet to leave the negative reviews, thus building the strategy to get positive reviews will turn the negative profile in the positive brand asset.

Yelp improvement services don’t include fake reviews.


Closely monitoring your reputation & reporting online on its progress also is the important part of ORM campaign.

• Reputation Reporting

The good report has information that you want, and nothing extraneous. So, we custom build the report based on metrics, which are very important to you. These reports will consist of the data around your reputation online and explanation of significant changes, which have occurred over reporting time frame. In a lot of cases, we develop the custom metric, which factors in each aspect of your reputation online, meaning we will plot your online reputation for month on the scale from one to hundred. This number is very useful for seeing direction that organization’s reputation online is heading as well as has proven effective to improve the executive awareness or getting program buy-in.

• Reputation Monitoring

We’ve custom-built many tools that will help us with the specific monitoring activities. Also, we can see the Wikipedia updates that happen, track smallest of the changes in the search results, as well as monitor reviews online in the real-time. All these capabilities will allow us to fast assess any changes in your reputation online and adjust the strategy as required to triage immediate problems.



We’ve helped many organizations to share the important messages to the communities on internet that will have not found this information. This kind of the work spans across our ORM services: we have adjusted Wikipedia in order to reflect some issues in the particular way, pushed the content that required to be visible higher in search results, as well as promoted some important information or statistics in active and large communities on Reddit. Suppose you’re looking to spread the message to specific audience online and demographic, services we give will help you to reach them.



Checking and Monitoring: We developed the proprietary tracking tool that will monitor the calculated “Sentiment Score” for your brand’s reputation online and track the changes with time. We make performance indicators before new campaign or build the custom reports that are based on the clients’ needs.