Customer Services with Social Media


Stay Integrated

Deliver frictionless and unified customer experiences by fully embedding web, social, portal and chat into your operations.


Stay Proactive

Make it simple for your customer and boost satisfaction when reducing the call volume, by predictive & pre-emptive service.


Stay Personalized

You can equip the team with customer profiles and context needed to deliver unforgettable and bespoke service.



Develop business case for growing your support team, and strategy to maintain right consistency in quality of care.

Offering best social media service

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service is a practice of offering best consumer support with help of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to answer all questions quickly. Over 69% of the customers believe quick resolution of problem is important to good service, and making social customer support invaluable. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have now evolved to become little more than the emergent platforms of advertising and marketing. Increasingly, they are important and valid channels through which the consumers solicit and get customer service. As per Sprout Social Index Q2 2016, 90% of the surveyed consumers used social media sites in a way to communicate with the brand. Around one third (34.5 %) said that they preferred social sites to the traditional channels like email and phone.


USA’s best Consumer Service conference got better:

Practical and Real-world studies from the proven brand leaders:

Here we know you are here to learn. Thus we deliver the case studies that are filled with the next steps & 'how tos' from the major brands leaders.

Network with the senior customer executives from big brands:

The attendees that have joined us include executives from Verizon, Nestle, Darden Restaurants, Google, Comcast, and many more. More than 70% of attendees are assured to work at the 'end user' brands. And above 60% of them actually are Directors, and senior.

Agenda focused on future of discipline:

Rooted at 6-years of experience, the conference nevertheless looks forward. We'll take all social media customer delivery as the baseline, and not a goal.

Social Service and Support at KALSEO:

You will get faster—and smarter respond —with the enterprise social support platform that will resolve any issues, and personally connect with the customers and create your brand advocates.

Monitor & Engage Rightly:

More and more people now turn to the social media site to engage with the brand and business. With the message volumes increasing and reaction times deteriorating, highly innovative brands may differentiate just by delivering the superior social support. You can equip the team with right tools and workflows that they want to turn your customer issues in the delightful moments.

Messaging Power

Never miss any message with KALSEO unified social inbox, the seamless combination of the real time monitoring, collaboration and response tools.

High Workflows

You can increase productivity or create the fluid experience for your users with the simplified workflow management over agents, channels, teams, and profiles.

Actionable Insights

Now improve your consumer satisfaction and optimize the agent performance with response time, team reports, CSAT and NPS® data and task tracking.

Intelligent Algorithms

Proficiently manage high scale engagement efforts and not compromising on authenticity with the Suggested Replies, KALSEO reply suggestion powered by the machine learning.

Public and Private Transitions

Now easily transition any public conversations on Facebook and Twitter to private Messenger channels and Direct Message to better manage all the sensitive information gathering as well as support issues.

Chatbots for Direct Message and Messenger

KALSEO integrated Bot Builder will help you scale the customer care on Facebook and Twitter, eliminate all repetitive tasks, efficiently collect information and guide your customers for better outcomes.



You can plug in the customer feedback or behaviors to look at the lens of the customer. Know them, delight them as well as retain them.



Scalable Management: No matter whether you internally manage support services or contract to the contact center, KALSEO intuitive structure and exact permissioning facilitate the logical user and the profile organization.